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GHA Introduces Georgia Uniform Patient Medication Card

The Georgia Hospital Association (GHA) is encouring the use of the Partnership for Health and Accountability's (PHA) Georgia Uniform Patient Medication Card, a tool to aid in the prevention of medication distribution errors. The card contains a list of medications and supplements a patient is currently taking on a routine basis and is intended to be carried with the patient at all times. It is meant to ensure that medications are not prescribed that may cause harmful interactions with either drugs the patient is presently taking or the patient's condition. Having an accurate list of the patient's medications also makes certain that needed medications are continued.

According the the Institute of Medicine, in 2006, almost 2 million medication errors occured in hospitals, long-term care and ambulatory care settings. "There are times when patients do not know all their medications and their families and friends are not sure either," said Anne Davis, patient safety specialist for PHA. "The medication card makes certain these patients have an up-to-date, accurate list and eliminates the guesswork."

Examples of the cards may be downloaded and printed on the GHA website.