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Labor & Delivery

Labor & Delivery

At Union General Hospital, it is our mission to partner with women and their families to ensure a joyful birth experience. We're an award winning facility that highly respects the wishes of mothers for the birth of their child while combining the highest standards of safety in a caring and nurturing environment.

Continuity of Care

The nurses here in our women's health unit are highly qualified to provide care throughout all stages of labor, delivery, surgical delivery, recovery and postpartum. We ensure continuity of care and nurses who develop a relationship with you and your family during your stay. Our providers work in close association with maternal-fetal medicine and neonatal specialists at regional healthcare facilities in Chattanooga, Gainesville and Atlanta to ensure quality care of both normal and high-risk obstetrics and newborn patients.

The Union General staff of registered nurses and physicians are highly skilled and trained in the latest methods of labor, post-partum, and newborn care.  We use state of the art central fetal monitoring surveillance systems while encouraging mobility and respecting each woman’s desire to control as much of her birth experience as possible.

Home-like Rooms

Our women’s unit consists of four labor/delivery/recovery rooms which are designed to be as home-like as possible. Our mothers labor, deliver and recover in the same room and bed so that there is as little stress as possible on the mother and baby. One triage unit is reserved for patients requiring outpatient testing or observation to rule out labor.  We also have a dedicated O.R. suite for cesarean sections and a dedicated post anesthesia care unit. To get a tour of our facilities or learn about birthing optionscontact our women’s center today!

What to Expect After Delivery

All rooms are private and your new baby will remain in the room with you around the clock. We encourage mom, dad, and baby to spend this time bonding together and becoming familiar with the newest family member. In some cases, we utilize our state of the art nursery for newborns that need monitoring or special care. Our nurses will work closely with you during this time to ensure that you are comfortable and confident in caring for your baby once you go home. If you are deciding to breastfeed, we are ready to help make breastfeeding as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Security and Privacy

To provide a secure and private environment for our laboring patients, our Labor and Delivery unit is locked at all times. We allow 3 visitors at a time for each patient in labor (visitors may switch out with each other) and children under 12 are not allowed unless they are siblings of the newborn. We ask that you please use the buzzer on the wall at the unit’s entrance and obtain permission to enter before visiting. Please understand that this is a sensitive and private event and we must respect each woman’s desire for privacy and limitation of visitors.  For further safety after delivery, each newborn is equipped with an alarm band that is continuously centrally monitored and recording the location of each newborn to protect against infant abduction.

Contact us today if you have questions or to learn more about what our women's health department can do for you!