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Our award winning women’s unit at Union General Hospital is equipped with a Level 1 nursery. Typically called a “well newborn nursery,” we have capabilities to care for well newborns as well as moderately ill newborns. Our nursery staff and technology is prepared to provide:

  • Neonatal resuscitation
  • Evaluate & provide postnatal care to healthy newborns
  • Stabilize & care for infants born at 35-37 weeks’ gestation who remain physiologically stable
  • Stabilize newborn infants born less than 35 weeks’ gestation until transferred to a facility appropriated for neonatal intensive care

Our newborn nursery includes a staff of well trained and certified family physicians, nurse practitioners and other advance practice registered nurses.

If your baby is ill and must be monitored in the nursery, please be aware that only the parents of the infant may visit in the nursery. The viewing window may be opened for extended family to view your baby, but may be closed at the discretion of the healthcare team if procedures are being performed. For any infant requiring specialized neonatal ICU care, we will stabilize and arrange for transport by ground or air to one of our regional tertiary care facilities. Our goal is to keep mothers and babies together if at all possible, but recognize that sometimes a transfer may be in your baby’s best interest. In such cases, the tertiary care center will maintain open communication with you at all times regarding the care of your baby until you can be reunited. 

For more information regarding the Union General Hospital Nursery, or any of our other women's health departments, contact a member of our healthcare team. We are dedicated to the health and well-being of mothers and babies that are in our care.

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