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Helpful Information for New Patients

  1. Bring a list of questions you want to discuss with the urologist at your visit.
  2. Before your appointment, collect all of the medications you are currently taking and bring them with you. Remembering to bring your medications ensures our records are up to date and enables us to refill any medications as needed.
  3. When you come for your appointment, the nurse will ask what symptoms you are having. This will enable the doctor to order any testing needed.
  4. When you call to schedule an appointment, tell the office staff the reason for your visit. This enables them to appropriate the right amount of time.
  5. If you have been referred to our practice by another physician, please make sure we have a copy of any previous test or lab reports to prevent duplication of testing.
  6. If you have had any x-rays for the condition you are being seen for, please bring the CD or films with you.