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Her Option

Although there are several treatment options for reducing or eliminating heavy periods, most require hormone therapy or surgery. Some are intended for hospital use and may cause significant discomfort when performed in a doctor’s office.

Her Option® was designed with your comfort in mind. It was specifically developed and approved for office use. This means our doctors perform the therapy in the familiar setting of our clinic. The treatment requires minimal anesthesia—no IV or surgery. Many women even return to their normal activity level by the next day.

To find out more visit the Her Option® website by clicking here. If you do decide that the Her Option® procedure is right for you, below is a set of patient instructions for you to follow before and after the procedure.

Medications (Note: Some patients may need different medications. Please tell us if you are unable to take any of these medications due to side effects or allergies)

  • Ibuprofen 800mg, one (1) pill every six (6) hours until procedure. By taking this the day prior to your appointment, you will lessen any cramping that can occur during or after the procedure. Ibuprofen also helps to relax the uterus to permit an easier placement of the Her Option® devices. DO NOT take Ibuprofen the day of your procedure, as you will be given a similar injected medication when you arrive at our office.
  • Cytotec (Misoprostil) 200mcg, one (1) pill before you go to bed. This will help to soften the cervix in preparation for your procedure.


  • Cytotech (Misoprostel) 200 mcg, one (1) pill when you wake up.
  • Ibuprofen 800mg
  • Emla cream – insert contents of tube into vagina two (2) hours before procedure; insert tampon after cream.
  • Bring Valium, Lortab, and Azithromycin with you.
  • You will be given the Valium, Lortab, Azithromycin, and an injection of Toradol (liquid Motrin) one (1) hour prior to procedure.

Eat a normal meal prior to procedure. Please be sure to arrive at our office on time. After you arrive, a urine sample will be requested to confirm a negative pregnancy test, and then the nurse will bring you into the exam room. You will be given an injection of anti-inflammatory medication 30 minutes before your procedure. During the procedure the doctor will also inject a local anesthetic. You will be awake for the procedure and may feel slight cramping at times. The average procedure time is 10 minutes. After the procedure is done, expect to spend about 30 minutes recovering.

Someone else must drive you to and from the office as the medication you take before the Her Option® procedure can affect your driving ability. If you choose, you may have this person in the room with you during the procedure to make you feel more comfortable.



  • Azithromycin, take 24 hours after procedure.
  • Ibuprofen 800 mg – Take one (1) every eight (8) hours for two (2) days.  It is unlikely that you will need any other medications for pain. If you do, you may use the Lortab that you have been prescribed every four (4) hours as needed.

It is normal to have light vaginal bleeding and some cramping for a few days. Contact our office if you experience any of the following:

  • Fevers
  • Uncontrolled pain
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Vomiting and unable to keep any food or fluids down
  • Any other concerns you may have

A follow up appointment will be made for two weeks after the procedure.