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Office Policies

Quality care for each patient is essential at Union General Women's Health. In order for you to have the best experience possible with us, please review our office policies prior to your appointment. If circumstances fall outside these parameters, please call to let us know at (706) 835-2222.

Medical History
Your initial or updated medical history must be recorded prior to seeing a physician. One option for completing your medical history before your appointment is by using DigiChart™, our online patient portal. With DigiChart™ you can safely and securely update your patient information from anywhere using any device with wireless capabilities, provided that your location has wireless access. You will need a username and password assigned to you by our office. Alternatively, you may arrive early for your appointment and use one of our tablet computers to input the information. We know that Internet access and comfort with technology cannot be assumed, so Union General Women's Health can also conduct phone interviews. Please let our staff know if you or your loved one needs this service by calling our office at (706) 835-2222.

Small Children
We absolutely love having the whole family come to our office. However, unattended small children obviously have the potential to create issues. We respectfully ask that another individual be present to help if younger children will accompany you to your appointment. This is for the safety of our patients, as well as for the safety of the child or children. Unfortunately, an appointment may need to be rescheduled if this policy cannot be met.

Communicable Disease
We can all work together to avoid spreading easily communicable diseases like colds, flu, and chicken pox. Especially in a private physician’s office, the close proximity of individuals to each other allows for the spread of illness quite easily. If you or a close family member has classic flu-like symptoms such as a high fever and/or severe body aches, please call our office first. Current recommendations support early treatment, especially for pregnant women, and this may be appropriate. The classic pox rash with Varicella may be best seen in the Emergency Department.

We kindly ask for sick family members to be left at home. If you are sick and need care, we want to see you (this is a medical office, of course), but we want to avoid creating a mini-epidemic. As a preventive measure, always cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. It is recommended that individuals use the inside of a shirt or crook of the arm for this purpose. Also, please use the hand sanitizer that is readily available in our office.

Unavailable Physician / Extended Wait Times
Whether you are a current or new patient at Union General Women's Health, you are important to us – the very reason we exist. In this specialty, however, conflicts with your appointment cannot always be avoided. If your provider is called away to take care of another patient during your scheduled appointment, we ask for your patience and understanding. Our staff works hard at communication about wait times. If you are unable to wait, we can often provide time with another provider at that time or reschedule you for another time.